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[공지] Fashion Retailing In Spain Summer School
Fashion Retailing In Spain Summer School,
organized by Villanueva University, in MADRID, Spain from June 27th to July 13th 2018.

You can see distribution of classes and workshops as well as visits to company headquarters, factories, etc.

Please remember applications are online and the Program Fees are as following:

Early-bird program fee: 875 euros, until May 16th 2018,

then the LATE program fee is 935 euros from May 17th 2018 onwards.

For accommodation:

each student searches for their own,

though of course we can recommend and facilitate Resident Halls, and if you wish us to manage it from the University the program fee + Accomodation (half-board: breakfast and dinners) is 1980 euros, VAT included.

Students have to cover their transport costs and any additionals in this case.

There is no requirement to have a background in Fashion to do the Fashion Retailing In Spain Program.

Students come from Business studies, Law, Marketing, Adveritsing, etc and are welcome because they then work in groups to develop their final project for the Course.

Fashion Department
Villanueva University



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